The Joint Armed Forces Legal Advocacy Service

Turning Law into Justice

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Turning Law into Justice for The Poor, Disabled, Children, Vulnerable Adults, the Mentally Ill, Veterans and Service Personnel for over twenty years. 

Welcome to JAFLAS!

Turning Law into Justice. 

The National Legal Advice and Representation Charity

For free or very low costs advice and assistance. 


JAFLAS is a registered charity in the UK Number 1142202


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  You don't have to have worn a uniform to get help! 

 Senior Counsel, Solicitors and Experts acting across the globe.

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So what's it all about?

There was a gaping hole between legal aid and clients needs; this meant many thousands of clients were left seeking help from non-lawyer organisations set up to provide some form of help.  This meant clients received varying levels of advice. Many areas, and the number continues to increase, of legal need were not covered by legal aid and so I decided to form a charity to provide help to people needing legal assistance, sometimes in emergency situations where money wasn't the issue. 

JAFLAS has evolved over eighteen years to provide free legal help and representation to a whole host of clients who otherwise would not receive the services of a lawyer, and at very low costs to others, largely because there simply wasn't a funding stream in place, either legal aid or professional conditional fee agreements. 

JAFLAS serves those who are at risk because of disability, vulnerability or poverty. 

When you need help in difficult circumstances, you will always find an open mind, a positive attitude and a meaningful contribution to your situation from our members.

The charity has a board of experts, a panel of lawyers all over the country and a wealth of experience second to none, all providing their services for free to the charity and always free or very low cost to the client.

Dr Alan Blacker (Lord Harley) -senior human rights lawyer, founder and Director of JAFLAS. 

0843 694 19450843 694 1945

0843 694 1939 Evening 6-9pm


Our trustees: -

Ian Mann LLB(Hons)

Christine Sharp BA(Hons)

Francoise Blancher LLB(Hons)


Our associates: -


Linked to Law 

David Marsh LLB(Hons) 

What we can do for you falls into four main areas:


Appearing on your behalf in Court or before a tribunal.

Providing you with legal advice based on the evidence that you provide over the telephone or in person.

Drafting documents for you including court papers and statements of case as well as wills and contracts and other non-contentious papers such as constitutions and governing documents for not for profit bodies.

Advising you on legal proceedings and processes and other systems such as probate and company transactions and meetings.


We provide help to: -

·         Individuals

·         not for profit organisations

·         charities and charitable trusts

·         wills trusts

·         companies with public benefit objectives such as community interest companies

·         private and corporate clients

You don't have to have worn a uniform to get help!

We used to help just service personnel but now we help many more groups of people so we go by JAFLAS rather than our full title. 

 So what is JAFLAS made up of?

Chartered Legal Executives / Solicitors of the Senior Courts / Advocates of the Supreme Court / Commissioners for Oaths

Members of the American and Pakistani Bars / Members of The Industrial Law Society and the Institute of Mental Health Act Practitioners

Arbitrators / Mediators / Conciliators and experts experienced in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution

A registered charity in the UK Number 1142202 

Nationwide - by your side.

Please note we are a private charity and have no connection with any government department; we are truly independent and receive no government funding.


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